Sound jammers and supressors

Sound jammers and supressors

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Our jammers are NOT frequency / mobile phone jammers. Our sound suppressors emit either a white noise, which is a noise which will saturate the microphone sensitivity or emit an ultrasound which will saturate the microphone membrane. In both case, the microphone will not be able to pick up the conversation.

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  • Covert ultrasound jammer in a leather clutch

    Portable ultrasonic jammer with a carrying bag designed for discreet use. It has 5 ultrasonic transmitters for effective jamming up to 2 meters in normal conditions and up to 7 meters in ideal conditions. It will saturate the membrane of any microphone in the surroundings. It has an internal rechargeable battery for hassle-free use when traveling,...

    995,00 €
  • Compact ultrasound jammer with external speaker

    Easy to use and compact ultrasonic spy microphone jammer. It has 7 transducers that emit an ultrasonic signal that will saturate microphones in its surroundings, rendering them ineffective. This system is perfect for ensuring the confidentiality of your professional and private meetings. External speaker included to increase its jamming coverage.

    1 290,00 €
  • Professional ultrasound jammer

    Professional ultrasound microphone jammer for meeting rooms, offices, etc. Eight ultrasonic transmitters create a silent jamming zone. A second acoustic jamming can be triggered for additional security. Any microphone will only pick up interference. Supplied with remote control.

    1 790,00 €

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