Long gone are the old tape voice recorders, Dictaphones... Nowadays the voice recorders are digital, but It can be confusing to choose one. Many factors must be taken into consideration (price obviously but also, size, battery life, memory capacity, special features like voice activation, where will it be used, for how long…).

The specifications:

  • Size: Of course the size is an important factor. Nevertheless even a slightly larger spy voice recorder will be compact enough to be easily concealed. In general, the size is related to the battery size. The longer is the battery life, the bigger will be the recorder. The average voice recorder is the size and shape of a UBS memory stick. It will satisfy most of users.

  • Battery life: This is certainly the most important specification. The battery life indicates you how long you will be able to use the voice recorder before charging its internal battery. It can be tempting to go for a long battery. We would instead recommend you to choose a battery life adapted to your need. If you can recover and charge the recorder every three days, you do not need to spend more money to get one which lasts 30 days. It will be smaller and more cost effective.

  • Memory: It is expressed in Gb. The average size is 8Gb. It equals from 90 to 180 hours of recordings. Once you recover the recorder and connect it to a computer (PC, Linux or MAC) you can clear the memory by downloading and saving the recordings on your computer. The memory will always be longer than the battery life. Therefore it is a secondary decision factor.

  • Features: The main feature is the voice activation. Once switched on, the recorder with voice activation (aka VOX) will record only when a sound is detected. Therefore it is much faster and easier to listen to the recordings as they will not include long silences. Once the sound is off, the recorder goes in standby. The second benefit of this feature is to extend the battery life of the recorder. Some recorders have deep sleep mode which reduce the current consumption.

Advice and demonstration:

We are always available to help you to choose the right recorder for your needs. Feel free to contact us by phone or email. Even better, contact us to organize a visit of our showroom for a free demonstration of our products.