Professional 8GHz bug and camera detector BH04
  • Professional 8GHz bug and camera detector BH04
  • Professional 8GHz bug and camera detector BH04

Professional 8GHz bug and camera detector BH04

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Professional wireless camera and bug detectors with two independent scanning channels covering from 10 to 8000 MHz (8GHz). Different working modes to choose from for active detection or passive protection. Powerful, compact and discreet. Call us for lead-time and availability. Call us for lead-time and availability.  


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Wide detection range up to 8GHz and different modes for protection against wireless surveillance systems.

Two independent channels operating in the frequency range of 10 to 8000 MHz.

Each channel has its own antenna for independent detection:

Antenna 1: From 10 to 2400 MHz. Detects ordinary wireless microphones and spy cameras.

Antenna 2: 2400 MHz and 8000 MHz to detect devices such as 5.8 GHz analog and digital cameras, 2.4-5 GHz Bluetooth and Wifi modules, etc.

Frequency counter:

The BH04 Pro has a built-in frequency counter that identifies signals including GSM, DECT, BLUETOOTH, WLAN, 2G/3G/4G/5G. This essential feature is included to analyse a signal and discard any false positives such as Bluetooth from your phone or a wi-fi router.

3 operational modes:

Search mode: To detect and locate unauthorized wireless spy devices.

Oscillograph mode: On-screen graphic display to visualize and analyse the frequency activities and identify the types of signals in the area.

Security mode: This mode will constantly monitor the area, in passive mode with alarm if a new signal is detected.

Frequency logs:

The BH04 saves in its memory the details of the detected signals. By connecting the BH04 to a PC, the frequency log can be saved and viewed.

Colour LCD display:

Clear display with a simple menu to navigate the different functions of the device.

Usually shipped within 3-4 working days

Technical information :

Frequency range:

Antenna 1 from 10 to 2400 MHz

Antenna 2 from 2400 to 8000 MHz

Frequency meter sensitivity: up to -50 dBm


Antenna 1: Up to -70 dBm

Antenna 2: Up to -50 dBm

Consumption: up to 0.6W

Power supply: Li-Pol 3.5-4.2V rechargeable battery

Dimensions: 130 x 80 x 16mm

Weight: 200g


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