Remote audio bugs

Our covert audio bugs use wireless technologies for live remote listening.

  • SIM Card GSM bugs: You just need to insert a SIM card in it. You can listen from anywhere in the world by simply dialing the SIM card number. They are also called infinity bugs.

  • WiFi audio bugs. Connected to a WiFi internet connection for remote monitoring and recording.  


  • GSM audio bugs

    Our range of bugs allows you to monitor conversations and activities remotely with ease from anywhere. No need for complicated setups or technical expertise – simply activate your bug, and you're ready to listen in. 

    Our listening devices deliver crisp, high-quality sound for accurate monitoring.

    Our GSM bugs are designed to blend seamlessly into any environment,. Compact, lightweight, and easily concealable, these devices ensure that your monitoring remains undetected.

  • Wifi audio recorder

    Our WiFi voice recorders/live listening bugs offer seamless connectivity, granting you immediate access to real-time audio streams and recordings from any location with an internet connection.
    Simple to use and via a free App (android and iPhone).

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