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GSM bug - 4 way extension lead with 2 USB ports
  • GSM bug - 4 way extension lead with 2 USB ports

GSM bug - 4 way extension lead with 2 USB ports

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Fully functioning 4 way extension lead with 2 USB ports and a hidden GSM audio listening device.

Very easy to use:

  1. Insert a SIM card in the built-in covert GSM audio bug.
  2. Plug the extension lead in a wall socket
  3. Call the SIM card number to listen remotely
  4. Voice activation call back : Turn ON from your phone the VOX function to get a call once a sound is detected 

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Our new 2022 GSM bug in an extension lead allows you to monitor from anywhere. The listening device is totally covert. Even a close inspection will not reveal its presence.

The installation is straightforward. Install a SIM card of your choice in the device and it is ready! 

For years the extension leads with GSM bug where using an old and bulky design. Our modern extension lead has two USB ports to charge your phones and tablets.

SIM card:

Our GSM audio listening device accepts any SIM cards as long as it is compatible with 2G 900-1800MHz. Our device supports every mobile phone network in Ireland. In case of doubt we are just a phone call away. The installation takes just few minutes.

For our customers in the Republic of Ireland we can install, test and set up a working pre-paid SIM card from one of the Irish mobile networks. Just select this option before to add the product in your cart. The SIM card will be valid 6 months with a 10 euros call credit. A top-up of 5 euros can extend the pre-paid card for another 6 months.

Long distance monitoring:

Once the extension lead is connected to an active mains socket, the listening device will turn ON. To listen, dial the SIM card number. The GSM bug will answer automatically without any sound, light or vibration. Because it uses the mobile phone technology, there is no distance limitation between you and the bug. As long you have coverage, you can dial and listen.

Voice activation:

With a simple SMS to the SIM card number, you can activate and deactivate the VOX (voice activation) function. When a sound is detected, the SIM card will call you immediately.

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