• Remote audio bugs

    Our covert audio bugs use wireless technologies for live remote listening.

    • SIM Card GSM bugs: You just need to insert a SIM card in it. You can listen from anywhere in the world by simply dialing the SIM card number. They are also called infinity bugs.

    • WiFi audio bugs. Connected to a WiFi internet connection for remote monitoring and recording.  
  • Audio recorders

    Our selection of compact and discreet voice recorders.

  • Sound jammers and...

    Our jammers are NOT frequency / mobile phone jammers. Our sound suppressors emit either a white noise, which is a noise which will saturate the microphone sensitivity or emit an ultrasound which will saturate the microphone membrane. In both case, the microphone will not be able to pick up the conversation.

  • Countersurveillance...

    In these days of readily available spy equipment, guarding your privacy is essential. If you suspect someone is operating covert surveillance on you, we have the tools you need to protect yourself. Read on to learn about those tools, and/or contact us to discuss which is the right one for you.

  • GPS trackers

    Our GPS trackers give a real-time tracking of your vehicles and other valuables, accurate to within 10 metres. From our miniature tracker  which is easy to conceal in a pocket or box, to a long battery life tracker for long-term vehicle tracking, we have a tracker which will suit your needs. See below for full details of each tracker, and do not hesitate to contact us  for any help to select the perfect one for you.

  • CCTV cameras

    Easy to install wireless CCTV cameras to protect your house, premises, garage... Live alarm and viewing on your phone. 

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